AF-Comp Teeth

High-quality teeth facings specifically designed for anterior and posterior veneers in implant prosthetics.
The anterior facings have been designed to optimize the aesthetic results, while the innovative shapes of the posterior moulds allows the best occlusal functionality.

The posterior teeth have been designed according to the studies of Prof. Albert Gerber: the palatal cusp of the upper 5th, 6th and 7th tooth occludes in the respective fossa of the lower 5th, 6th and 7th tooth; in the 4th tooththis occlusion is reversed, the vestibular cusp of the lower tooth occludes in the fossa of the upper 4th tooth. The term WFA (Wide
Functional Area) indicates the type of occlusion done during the mastication, when not only one point of contact is affected but a large functional area of around 2 mm.
The occlusal tables respect the concept mortar and pestle. The wide fossa allows a large spectrum of occlusal contacts without interferences.

AF-Comp teeth are suitable for any kind of aesthetic prosthetic restorations in the dental office and laboratory. They have such an high precision to reduce to the minimum any possible selective grinding made by the operator. Available in the A1/D4 Shades.


  • Suitable for any kind of aesthetic prosthetic restorations.
  • 10 upper and 4 lower anterior moulds.
  • 4 upper and 4 lower WFA (wide functional area) posterior moulds.


  • T6111 Anterior set  x6
  • T6112 Posterior set  x4

Major AF Comp Catalogue