Ormamax Light

Ormamax Light is a polysiloxane based, condensation-curing material for second precision impressions.
Its specific formulation guarantees the optimal initial fluidity for an easy intraoral product flowing.
Oramamax Light doesn’t drip, it is syringeable and directly applicable on the preparation.
Its consistency and high hydrocompatibility guarantee a perfect reproduction of fine details in every clinical condition.
Ormamax Light is the ideal product when employed both for the “single-stage double mixing technique” and for the “two-stage putty/wash technique”.

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Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.
Adequate total working time.
Easy mixing control thanks to the chromatic contrast with the gel catalyst.

M2010 Ormamax Light 150 ml / 165 g



Technical Standard: ISO 4823
Mixing Time: 40″
Working Time (a 23°C): 1′ 30″
Setting Time (a 23°C): 4′ 30″
Strain in compression: 6-10%
Recovery from deformation: 98,0%
Linear dimensional change (after 24 h): – 0,5%
Shelf life: 3 years

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