Major Ormakit contains a complete set of condensation curing silicones: one silicone putty for the first impression, one light bodied silicone for the second impression, together with 2 35ml. packs of activator gel, suitable for the whole content of the kit.

1 x Ormadent Putty 900 ml.
1 x Ormamax Light 150 ml.
2 x Ormactivator Gel 35 ml.

M1020 Ormakit


Supple, non-stick material.
Very high compressive strength and recovery from deformation.
Adequate total working time.
Easy mixing control thanks to the chromatic contrast with the gel catalyst.


Technical Standard:ISO 4823
Mixing Time:
Ormamax Light:40″
Ormadent Putty:35″
Working Time (a 23°C):
Ormadent Putty:2′ 00″
Ormamax Light:1′ 30″
Setting Time (a 23°C):
Ormadent Putty:4′ 30″
Ormamax Light:4′ 30″
Strain in compression:
Ormadent Putty:1-2%”
Ormamax Light:6-10%
Recovery from deformation:
Ormadent Putty:98,7%
Ormamax Light:98%
Linear dimensional change (after 24 h):
Ormadent Putty:- 0,3%
Ormamax Light:- 0,5%

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