Ormaplus Monophase

Medium viscosity, addition curing, elastomeric monophase impression material based on polyvinylsiloxane.

  • Monophase impression material for taking impressions over fixed/removable restorations and implants (transferring impression posts and bridge components).
  • Medium viscosity impression material for functional impressions.
  • Medium viscosity, monophase impression material for use when fabricating crowns and bridges or inlays.
  • Medium viscosity impression material for reline impressions.
  • Syringeable impression material for use in the simultaneous mixing technique as well as the sandwich, putty/wash and triple tray techniques.
  • Medium viscosity, monophase impression material for transferring root posts when fabricating posts and cores indirectly.
  • Copper ring impressions.


  • M3011 Ormaplus Monophase 100 ml (2 x 50 ml + 6 Bite Tips)
Technical Standard: ISO 4823
Mixing Time: 5″ (mixer)
Working Time (at 23°C): 2′ 00″
Intraoral Setting Time: 2′ 00″
Setting Time (at 23°C): 4′ 00″
Linear dimensional change (after 24 h): – 0,20%
Recovery from deformation: 99,7%
Strain in compression: 3,5%
Final Hardness: 60 Shore A
Shelf Life: 2 years

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