Major Super Lux

Acrylic tooth with refined and natural appearance; functional design of the posterior moulds appropriate for any type of mounting. Suitable for total, partial and skeletal prosthesis. The 31 anterior moulds and 20 posterior moulds are available in the A1-D4 and 1A-6D shade guides.


  • Great hardness and resistance to abrasion.
  • Natural transparence of the incisal layer.
  • Anterior moulds realized according to Williams’method.
  • Natural appearance of moulds.
  • High colour stability.


  • T3012 Anterior set A1-D4 x6
  • T3011 Anterior set A1-D4 x6
  • T3021 Posterior set A1-D4 x8
  • T3022 Posterior set 1A-6D x8
  • T3019 Complete set A1-D4 x28
  • T3029 Complete set 1A-6D x28

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