Major Dent

Acrylic tooth with hardness and resistance to abrasion identical to superior grade teeth. Suitable for total, partial and skeletal prosthesis, in 36 anterior moulds and 20 posterior moulds. Available in the A1-D4 and Major Dent (2C-3R) shade guides.


  • Posterior teeth in two cuspidal moulds.
  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Natural trasparence of the incisal.
  • Perfect chemical bonding with denture base acrylics.
  • 36 Anterior moulds and 20 Posterior moulds


  • T4111 Anterior set A1-D4 x6
  • T4141 Anterior set 2C-3R x6
  • T4112 Posterior set A1-D4 x8
  • T4142 Posterior set 2C-3R x8
  • T4119 Complete set A1-D4 x28
  • T4149 Complete set 2C-3R x28